With more than 8,000 rooms in over 100 hotels throughout the city of Hyderabad, the MOP 6 and COP 11 participants will have a variety of options ranging from 2 to 5-star rated properties. Whilst efforts have been made by the Ministry of Environment and Forests and the state Government of Andhra Pradesh to provide adequate inventory of rooms for delegates during the period of the event, participants are still encouraged to book accommodations at the earliest possible date.

Government of India will facilitate with free shuttle service to the venue and back on designated routes covering all the official hotels and majority of other hotels in Hyderabad. Delegates can avail the service as per the schedule.

The shuttle routes & schedule will be updated shortly on Transportation Guide page.

Government of India has appointed MCI Management India Pvt. Ltd. as the PCO and Official Agency handling Accommodation for MOP 6 and COP 11. Delegates are however free to book accommodation either through the official channel or through own sources. This dedicated channel is a facilitation service for delegates in ensuring desired accommodation is obtained by individual and group attendees.

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